What Are Conducive Conditions

What Are Conducive Conditions?

Conducive conditions are things that make it easier for wood destroying insects like termites to get into our homes without us seeing. These are things like having a high soil line, a wood fence touching the house, or having wood piles leaning on the home. Others include wood rot on the home, heavy foliage or trees touching the home, and even wood siding or trim touching the ground. Many of these conditions are easily changed, but there are a couple that aren’t. Conditions like a slab joint from an addition, which is virtually impossible to remove, or a very low deck which would have to be removed to resolve the condition. For these, preventative treatments are recommended to make infestation less likely.

If you are concerned about conducive conditions on your current home or the one you’re buying we can help. Give us a call to schedule a consultation or a termite inspection today.