Save Thousands on Your New Home With The Right Inspection!

Why Our Inspections Save You Thousands

Our homes are arguably the most important object we will ever own. In addition to being one of the biggest investments we make, they shelter us from the elements and provide safe and comfortable spaces for us to raise our families and pursue our dreams. That’s why at panther inspections we’ve developed an inspection process that leaves out small opinion based items, leaving you free to design your dream home, and focuses on finding the biggest issues with a home, so you can have the peace of mind knowing exactly how your home is performing and that your space is the best one for you and your family.

How Our Inspections Save You Thousands

Find The Big Problems

Our home inspections are designed to make sure that the most important systems in your home are functioning properly. Many of us don’t know how to find many of the issues that can be present. Our Highly qualified and insured home inspectors have the best training and years of experience finding and reporting on some of the most obscure problems a home can have. Without this your new home could have major problems that are unknown to you.

Thermal Imaging Finds Hidden Problems

Included thermal imaging with your inspection means that your inspector is going to find the hidden problems other inspectors miss. Things like missing insulation, plumbing and roof leaks, and overheating electrical components that are nearly impossible to find with the naked eye until they cause some sort of major damage or expense. Our expertly trained inspectors equipped with thermal imaging can find these issues easily.

Drones Make Sure The Roof Is Inspected

The truth is that most home inspectors don’t carry ladders tall enough to reach the tallest home roofs. Some roof are just too steep and dangerous to walk on. This means that the roof won’t be inspected or will be inspected with binoculars from the ground! Not acceptable! This is why our expert home inspectors carry drones. These UHD camera equipped aircraft make it easy for our inspectors to thoroughly inspect every roof we come across no matter the conditions

Bundle and Save

We have the extra inspection types to give you superior peace of mind knowing everything vital was checked before you buy. Extras like Termite, Pool and Spa, and Sprinkler System inspections can be bundled saving you hundreds over buying separate inspections and making your already thorough inspection even more complete!

Plan for Future Repairs

Knowing what to fix and when is vital for proper home maintenance and planing for future repairs is one of the best ways to save money on that maintenance. At panther inspections we will take the time to answer your questions about what is necessary now and what can be scheduled later so you can make a plan that fits your budget and keeps your home at peak performance. By spending only what you need to when you need to on maintenance you save money because there is no more guessing.

Most of us already know that getting a good home inspection is almost guaranteed to save you money on your home. Getting your home inspected by Panther Inspections gets you the best inspection money can buy and provides you with purrfect peace of mind by finding the things other inspectors are just going to miss. In fact many of our previous clients report their inspection saving them double or triple the value of the fees off of the final purchase of their home or its repairs.

Still not convinced? We’re not done!

All of our inspections include these awesome features!

Guaranteed Inspections

We believe that getting you the info you need to make an educated purchase or sell is the most important aspect of an inspection. So, our inspections are covered by our 200% guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’ll pay up to 200% of our fees for another home inspector of your choice!

Same Day Reports

You shouldn’t have to wait until the end of the day, 24 or even 48 hours for your report. Your home inspection report will be emailed to you immediately upon completion. Before your inspector even leaves the property (mobile data permitting)!

Report Presentations

Our inspectors we take the time to walk you through the entire report and answer any questions you have about it or the home so you walk away with greater understanding and are even more prepared to make an informed purchase.

Buyer Protection Plan

If for any reason you don’t buy the first home we inspect, you’re covered with $50 off of your next inspection with us!

Save thousands on your home and get purrfect peace of mind doing it!