Winter Inspection Changes

How Do Inspections Change During Winter?

Other than your inspector looking like an Eskimo, there are 2 main things that change with an inspection in winter. The first one is the air conditioner. On days that temperatures are below 60°F the air conditioner likely won’t be tested, because operating the unit at those temperatures can damage it. Instead, it will be visually inspected and any deficiencies found noted in the report. The other item is the roof covering. At low temperatures and wet conditions, ice and snow can make a roof very slippery. Therefore an inspector may have no choice but to inspect the roof from the ground or with another method instead of walking on it, for their own safety.

So make sure that on cold days you check with your inspector on whether or not they could normally inspect these items so you are comfortable with the level of information that you or your clients have about the property.

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