Difference Between Resale and Warranty Inspections

The Difference Between Resale and Warranty Inspections

In short the only real difference is the type of issues or deficiencies your inspector will find on a new home versus a resale home. In new homes improper installation and poor materials performance are the most common issues. Where on an older home the most common deficiencies are code updates and maintenance issues.

In regards to how the inspection is performed, every company is a little different. We at Panther Inspections believe there should be no difference in how a recently finished home is inspected in relation to one that is older. We treat the warranty inspection the same way as a resale or pre-purchase inspection so that comparisons can be made between the home inspections and proper performance of each system is ensured.

So, whether you or a friend have a home coming up on its first birthday, and need a thorough warranty inspection or are buying a resale home and need to have it evaluated we can help. Call us now to book your inspection.