Why Do New Homes Need Inspections?

Builders Make Mistakes

All builders use subcontractors to complete a home quickly. Many times even having to share these subs because of the high demand for housing in Austin at the time of this writing. These “subs” are many times in a hurry, under pressure, and minimally paid. So, mistakes are made in every home. The builder’s representatives monitor and revise construction but they too are typically overseeing more homes than they can handle. That means any mistakes made, go unnoticed or are forgotten.

Builders’ Inspectors Miss Things

Yes, many builders have their own inspectors or contract them. These inspectors are usually paid bottom dollar for their services and perform as many as 10 inspections a day. That is not enough time to thoroughly inspect a home. All this means it’s easy for them to miss problems with the home. Furthermore, since they are paid by the builder, they are liable only to the builder, not the buyer.
 e is performing as intended.

Clients Are Ultimately Responsible

When reading the paperwork from the builder, the buyers must pay very close attention to where responsibility lies. Many builder’s contracts put the liability of ensuring the home is properly built on the buyer, who many times is not equipped to do so. We can’t all be experts on homes after all, so the best thing to do is call a third party inspector. An expert inspector of your choice will take the time needed to completely evaluate the home.
If you or a friend are are buying or building a new home, the home inspection experts at panther inspections are fully equipped with the latest technology and techniques to help ensure a new home is performing as intended.