This is thermography

What is Thermography?

Thermography is the art and science of taking and studying thermographic images. These images show very minute differences in heat radiating from objects. Basically, it shows us hot and cold spots that with proper training we can interpret as useful information.

What can thermography find in our homes?

  • Hidden water leaks in ceilings and walls
  • Missing insulation in exterior walls and attic
  • Leaking AC ducts in the attic
  • Underperforming AC components
  • Windows with leaky seals
  • Termite and ant nests inside walls

While Thermography is very useful it has its limitations. For instance:

  • It’s not x-ray.
  • It can’t see through anything that infrared waves won’t pass through.
  • It needs functioning AC inside the structure to find missing insulation.
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